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Short Bio

Nancy A. Hughes writes character-driven crime solving mysteries. A Penn State graduate, she followed her dream from journalistic business writing to a life of crime—fiction, that is. "The Dying Hour," her debut novel, was published in 2016, and its sequel, "The Innocent Hour" in 2019. Her Trust series includes: "A Matter of Trust" and "Redeeming Trust" both in 2017, "Vanished: A Trust Mystery" in 2018, and "Buried Trust" in June 2022. Her seventh mystery, "By Rook or By Crook was published in 2024 by Headline Books. She and her husband live in southeast Pennsylvania.

Longer Bio

Nancy A. Hughes writes character-driven crime solving mysteries. A Penn State graduate, she followed her dream from journalistic business writing to the dark side and a life of crime—fiction, that is. "The Dying Hour," her debut novel, was published in 2016, and its sequel, "The Innocent Hour" in 2019. Her Trust series includes: "A Matter of Trust" and "Redeeming Trust" both in 2017, "Vanished: A Trust Mystery" in 2018, and "Buried Trust" in 2022. "By Rook or By Crook" was published in February, 2024. The cover of each novel holds a clue to unraveling the mystery. 

A native of Key West, Nancy and her husband live in southeast Pennsylvania. When Nancy isn’t writing, she is devoted to shade gardening, volunteering at the Reading Hospital and the Lebanon Veterans Hospital. The latter experiences lent authenticity to the setting and details for The Dying Hour. 

She is an active member of the Mystery Writers of America (MWA), International Thriller Writers (ITW), Sisters in Crime (SinC), and Pennwriters. The latter is a multi-genre authors’ organization of Pennsylvania writers.

Please contact Nancy via her website: www.hughescribe.com. She would love to hear from her readers. 

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Nancy Hughes

Nancy A. Hughes


Nancy Hughes

Nancy A. Hughes



Nancy Hughes

Nancy A. Hughes



Nancy Hughes

Nancy A. Hughes



Nancy Hughes

Nancy A. Hughes

Novels by Nancy A. Hughes


The Dying Hour

The Dying Hour

ISBN 978-162-694-5432 (print) and 978-162-694-5425 (ebook) Pages: 290, Black Opal Books, October 2016

…combines a heart-warming story of family pride and honor with a suspense-filled murder mystery… Taylor Jones Reviewer

Five stars reader comments: “Loved this book.” “This author keeps you reading , reading, reading can't turn the pages fast enough.”
“The intrigue is awesome. Love the main character Charlie. Love to read more with Charlie actually. Also read the Innocent Hour by this author, an equally incredible reads. “Suspense and Mystery in an interesting setting,”
“Strange Happenings at the VA Hospital,” “Very Suspenseful,” “Character and relationships emphasized.”


A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust

ISBN 978-1-6269436-63-7 Pages: 324, Black Opal Books, May, 2017

“Hughes blends the subplots so that you can’t tell which thread was related to which crime a she skillfully mixes romance, suspense, and mystery into one cohesive story.” Taylor Jones, The Review Team of Taylor Jones & Regan Murphy.”

Five stars from readers: “Read it! Great summer read at the bay.” “Grabbed my attention immediately. Had a hard time putting it down.” “Hughes is a great story teller. I found this book hard to put down, except to make sure the doors and windows were locked.”


Redeeming Trust

Redeeming Trust

ISBN 978-1-626948-23-5 (print) and in ebook format) Pages: 367, Black Opal Books, December 2019

“As usual, Hughes has crafted an exciting mystery that is both moving and compelling, combining great characters, suspense, and intrigue, with a hint of romance. Taylor Jones.

Five star reader reviews: “Nancy Hughes' Trust trilogy, of which this is the second book, is definitely worth reading. Believable characters, unexpected plot twists, and surprising outcomes all contribute to a delightful mystery experience! I love how you get to know the characters well (and the story lines intertwine) throughout Hughes' trilogy. Don't miss reading this book, but read A Matter of Trust first and then Vanished- A Trust Mystery-Book 3!” – DBMBooklady.

“Loved all of Ms Hughes books. Looking forward to the next one.”


Vanished: A Trust Mystery

Vanished: A Trust Mystery

ISBN 978-1-644370-01-8 Pages: 329, Black Opal Books,
October 2018 http://hughescribe.com/books/vanished

"An Engrossing read that's built around a chilling premise."--Kirkus Reviews. Read the entire review here: Reviews by Kirkus
5.0 out of 5 stars “Nancy A. Hughes's VANISHED is mesmerizing. It's scary. Imagine your infant being kidnapped and the police accusing you of doing it. The characters range from loveable to horrible. Along the way, the reader flies in a private plane, no less, from coast to coast in search of the baby.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Gets your attention
“Nancy does not disappoint with this interesting plot twist. This is as good, if not better, than her previous books. It seems a life of crime suits her!”


The Innocent Hour

The Innocent Hour

ISBN 978-1-64437-209-8 (print) and 978-64437-208-1 (ebook)
Pages: 301, Black Opal Books, November 16, 2019. http://hughescribe.com/books/the-innocent-hour.

"A deftly-plotted mystery that hooks the reader with its nail-biting fight for justice. Reluctant hero Charlie Alderfer is a well-defined, sympathetic character. When you're backed into a corner with no place to turn, you would want Charlie on your side." Daniella Bernett, mystery author.



Buried Trust

Killer Nashville 2023 Silver Falchion Finalist!

ISBN 978-1-953434-72-2 and ebook ASIN: BOB1PPXG5S   Pages 341: Black Opal Books. June 11, 2022

Buried Trust is Fourth in the Trust Series

Two years after Kingsley and Todd Henning recovered their kidnapped infant, they are enjoying their country existence. Everything changes when felons initiate a criminal enterprise on the farmland next to the Henning’s. 

Angered by late-night operations, zoning violations, and a violent foreman, the Hennings launch an investigation. Confrontations escalate. The criminal bosses attempt to buy, scare, terrorize, and kill the Hennings, whose sleuthing threatens their lucrative operation. 

Risking their lives, the Hennings endeavor to expose the true nature of the enterprise. They realize that every close call has been thwarted by unexplainable circumstances. They suspect that their house, as rumored, is haunted by a spirit with an agenda of its own.

Award winning authors say:

Kingsley is back! Fans will not be disappointed as she takes on an evil so sinister it could bring death to her family, and an unsuspecting farming community. Kudos to Hughes on this unique and compelling series.

P. D. Halt,  Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award Best Suspense Novel Finalist

"Part-adventure, part-mystery, part-suspense, and all-delight. BURIED TRUST gives readers a relatable, resilient protagonist who never gives up."

--Saralyn Richard, award-winning author of the Detective Parrott mystery series.



By Rook or By Crook

Killer Nashville 2023 Claymore Finalist!

ISBN: 13: 9781958914274; 6 x 9, 320 pages

The future is limitless for advertising professional, January Lamont, 26, and her CPA husband, Barrett 27, until they’re unknowingly sucked into two different crimes—an accounting scam at his firm and black-market international thieves who traffic in stolen antiquities. Fleeing Manhattan with meager possessions, they hide and re-event themselves in rural Pennsylvania. 

The thieves, who believe the Lamonts have absconded with their priceless stolen treasure, track them relentlessly as collateral damage.  The Lamonts narrowly escape several attempts as they rebuild their lives, investing their time and talent in good work and better causes than their former materialistic existence. 

Putting her own problems aside, January helps a brave twelve-year-old, determined to outlive a deadly genetic disease and launch her own knit-ware company. All the child needs is an alpaca, a host barn and looms. And January’s on it! Until her old and her new life collide and her marriage nearly implodes.


Panel/workshop/speaking topics

• Mystery Writer and Shade Gardner shares shady secrets with garden clubs, libraries, and community groups.   

• From Manuscript to Publication: How to navigate today’s scary publishing world.
• Writing A Series: It doesn’t have to be murder.
• Nancy A. Hughes: Her personal journey from journalist to crime-fiction novelist
• Bread Cast Upon Water: The blessings of volunteering.
• Mid-course Redirection: Daring to change occupations again—and again!
• The Writing Life
• Creating a world of fictitious events, places, good guys and bad guys.

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