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Coming in June, 2022

Two years have passed since Kingsley and Todd Henning recovered their kidnapped infant son (Vanished: A Trust Mystery). They’ve earned their peaceful country existence. Abruptly, everything changes when felons launch a criminal enterprise on the farmland next to the Henning’s. Angered by late-night operations, zoning violations, and a violent foreman, the Hennings investigate.

Confrontations escalate. The criminal bosses attempt to buy, scare, and terrorize the Hennings, whose sleuthing threatens their lucrative operation. When nothing forces them from their property, the perpetrators plot murder. Risking their lives, the Hennings dig to expose the true nature of the enterprise. But they realize that every close attempt on their lives has been thwarted by unexplainable circumstances. They suspect that their home, as rumored, is haunted by a spirit with an agenda of its own.    


©2022 Nancy A. Hughes. All Rights Reserved.