A new mystery novel by Nancy A. Hughes
Released: 1/1/2024

By Rook or By Crook

The future seems limitless for advertising professional, January Lamont, 26, and her CPA husband, Barrett 27, until they are unknowingly sucked into two different crimes—an accounting scam at his firm; and black-market international thieves who traffic in stolen antiquities. The thieves, who believe the Lamonts have intercepted their stolen treasure, track them relentlessly as collateral damage.

Fleeing Manhattan with meager possessions, the Lamonts secrete and re-event themselves in rural Pennsylvania. They narrowly escape several attempts on their lives, investing their time and talent in good work and better causes than their former materialistic existence.

Putting her own problems aside, January helps a brave twelve-year-old who is determined to outlive a deadly genetic disease and launch her own knit-ware company. All the child needs is an alpaca, a host barn and looms. And January’s on it! Until her old and her new life collide, nearly destroying her once perfect marriage.

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